Automation, enabled by increasing digitisation is gaining traction across every area in the maritime industry. From improving the vessel performance using deep analysis of the data to the possibility of autonomous ships, the sector is set for a revolutionary transformation in every way. The emerging maritime connectivity and a huge improvement in the software simulation capabilities are the driving forces. Whether its large cargo ships or the luxury yachts, the waves of change are visible across.

A capable digital framework

What was only a possibility a few years ago is now a concrete reality with digital enabling? Take, for instance, the 3D asset information model which gives the capability of real-time data collection directly from the ship to optimise for operations, maintenance and safety. The emergence of theoretical possibilities to concrete projects is now seen in several fields of the maritime industry. Shipbuilders, design and engineering firms and ship owners are geared for rapid digital adaptation. Expert Global offers a flexible and agile technology framework for its digital adoption initiatives.

By enabling efficient and value-driven digitisation of processes related to ship design, production operation and system integration, Expert Global enables safer and efficient vessels. Further, with specific expertise in shipbuilding domain, Expert Global is able to provide added value in the form of previously unrealised cost-saving and new revenue stream opportunities. As the maritime industry shifts to new models of operation, these value adds are highly helpful in the future success of companies in the maritime domain.

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