Saving time & increasing effectiveness with simultaneous development approach

Today’s market is far more competitive than it used to be. Companies can’t be dependent on single product designs causing revenues and profits to falter or fall. To build a quality product quickly, several facets must be conceptualized and executed seamlessly. Critical milestones include arriving at a robust architecture, identifying the required unique set of features and choosing the appropriate technology.

The biggest challenge in this process is the availability of an in-house talent pool to take this initiative until the end and do the last mile connect. Although the NPD process starts with an idea generation, pondering over ideas from the same set of experts is just limited. We usually need a thinker and partner who has an open view with his diversified industrial experience to fill the idea box.

Experienced & Subject Matter expertise of Expert Global helps companies deliver their New Product Development at an optimized cost.


Concept design & Benchmarking

  • Feature analysis
  • Benchmark report
  • Feasibility study
  • Market research
  • Tear Down analysis
  • Electrical system development
  • Embedded system development

Reverse engineering

  • Digitalization
  • Material analysis
  • Performance testing
  • Model building
  • Manufacturing drawing

Manufacturing engineering

  • CNC Programming
  • Should costing
  • Sourcing support
  • Prototyping
  • Testing

Why Expert Global

With the advent of new age products which are essentially a combination of Digital / Embedded & Mechanical, Expert Global capabilities are completely suited to offer a complete holistic solutions of new product development compromising different technologies.