Provides a Competitive Edge for Manufacturers

Smart manufacturers have begun exploring the benefits of Augmented & Virtual Reality. A trend that is catching up fast. But mostly, technology companies have only begun to scratch the surface of what augmented reality can do for manufacturing function.

Augmented Reality (AR)

As products grow more sophisticated, producing them has become exponentially more complex. Manufacturers need to find innovative solutions to ensure customer satisfaction while driving cost effectiveness and profitability. Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly emerging as the preferred technology option to achieve these goals.

In addition to using AR to address traditional manufacturing challenges like unexpected downtime and time-consuming machine maintenance, many organizations are seeing tremendous value in using AR to narrow the skills gap between their retiring workforce and new hires. Through the power of 3D, interactive work instructions, manufacturers can optimize their most valuable asset – their front-line workers. Whether they are new or experienced, AR provides the right information to the right people at the right time, effectively reducing errors, improving overall factory throughput, and enhancing worker safety. All this ensures a reduction in the assembly timeline by 40% and a shrinking of training schedule by 50%.

Virtual reality (VR)

Digital innovation is leading to a transformational impact on ways in which engineers are approaching key stages in the product lifecycle. VR is helping organizations enhance their manufacturing capabilities and performance. VR has opened up various opportunities in the field of product development, production implementation, training & customer support.


Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

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High-tech AR / VR are expensive to adopt. If the business statement is understood well, solutions deliver value. Expert Global Solutions engineering services legacy brings optimized architecture for AR/VR solutions delivering value for a money.