Driving Innovation through Optimized Architecture

Expert Global domain expertise in embedded systems & electronics helps our clients develop applications faster, reduce development cost, increase code scalability and time to market. Our hands-on experience with various embedded platforms and operating systems helps us to perform complex tasks with greater efficiency, guaranteeing real-time behavior in both hard and soft real-time systems.

We offer services throughout the product lifecycle – from design and development to testing, production support, and post product introduction support across multiple domains and technologies.


Embedded Software

  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development
  • Firmware Development
  • Device driver
  • Protocol development
  • Cross platform porting
  • Software testing

Embedded Hardware

  • Obsolescence Management
  • Schematic Preparation
  • BOM Optimization
  • PCB Design
  • Gerber & BOM Release
  • Test Code Development
  • Board Bring-up

System Design & Simulation

  • System architecture
  • Embedded Hardware
  • Embedded Software
  • Application software development
  • System integration & testing
  • System deployment

Why Expert Global

High-Performance Embedded Electronic computing modules are developed with Expert Global backbone of Industrial Expertise translated through high skilled engineering services.