Unlock the value of physical & digital convergence

The manufacturing segment is evolving into a new state fueled by massive digital transformation efforts with the latest oil of the industry – Data. Artificial intelligence is being used to support & even change the role of the human workforce in the physical environment. The most dramatic impact of technology is in bringing efficiency to manufacturing’s complex processes & M2M interactions spanning across products & assets within factories & global supply networks.

Having been an aggressive user of robotics & mechanization for decades, AI is the next logical step for the manufacturing sector to improve productivity, production line & tooling utilization as well as to minimize production cost per unit.

With each stage being monitored by sensors that feed data to AI is driven analytics, a manufacturer can determine the production processes of each product much faster than with manual processes alone.


Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Why Expert Global

Deep experience and behvaiour of Autonomous driving and machines along with expertise on visual perception, data processing, distributed computing, applied maths & algorithms make us one among the few.