Driven by digital

There is more electronics in vehicles, than ever before. The cars of the day, for instance, have anywhere between 150 to 200 sensors built in it. With the upcoming Electric Vehicles and autonomous driving, the penetration of electronics in cars or automotive in general will only increase by multi-fold in the near future. The modes of mass transportation, may it be the metro railways, buses or even the software in ride-hailing services are fast evolving to be controlled by a system that is governed by a ‘digital’ nerve centre. The other key mobility segments concerning the movement of goods, such as the HCVs or even the Off-highway vehicles, are digitally activated with technologies ranging from vehicle tracking to sensor enabled predictive maintenance. But the change to all these digital drives come with their own set of challenges.

Delivering on the big technology convergence

The convergence of new-age digital technologies and the traditional mechanical parts require a whole new expertise. The challenges could range from ensuring that the digitisation efforts stay meaningful and valuable to the end user to deliver these innovations significantly faster to the market and at economical costs. Given the fast-evolving vision of OEMs on the mobility of the future, Suppliers are expected to develop and deliver component systems that feed this vision while staying competitive even in the most demanding markets around the world.

Develop and design high-precision digital pieces

Today, every key component system and the equipment, across all the modes of mobility, has a digital piece at its core. With digitisation as the mainstay of the mobility ecosystems, it’s the future will be driven by the precision of not just the traditional mechanical components but also these digital pieces m . As the OEMs and the suppliers for critical components systems get ready to explore a whole new set of possibilities, it requires them to change and innovate to be digital ready at several levels. Expert Global helps to seamlessly enable this change for the Automakers as well as the global Tier I and Tier II suppliers.

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